"Blue and green, fresh eyes on me, I'm young again."

I believe in bottom!Dean~


Misha Collins is my moon and stars <3


If you ever want Destiel in your askbox, I'm your girl~



Supernatural ~ Teen Wolf


Imogen Heap ~ Safetysuit ~ Hurts ~ Florence + The Machine ~ Bastille ~ Imagine Dragons


Hands From Which All Things Are Built by MajorEnglishEsquire

Cobalt by destielavenger

What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D

The Mirror by cloudyjenn

Accidentally on Purpose by Sedaris

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Quitting… Supernatural? As a whole? Or just watching promos?

i won’t be watching or blogging about the new season. i’ll still be in the fandom, i’ll still talk about old eps or deancas or precious demisexual flower baby castiel or actual angel misha collins

and like, i’d still like to go to a con with all of you guyS like i’m still super grateful for all the friendships i’ve made b/c of this show i just. want nothing to do with the road it’s going down.

^^^ in case anyone was wondering what my stance on the new season is, this is it

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Anonymous said:

in a perfect world, dean and cas love each other freely and without reservation. there are no monsters. there aren't any angels. or demons. there isn't a hell to fight ford and there's no heaven to serve. there's just cas making dean double over in laughter with his jokes that are always too serious to be considered funny, but dean laughs anyway. there's just dean kissing the frown off of cas's face when they have to wake up early. there's just them loving each other the way they should.

Thanks, bby. ;u;

This is really sweet and it made me smile. I needed that. <3333

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Anyone wanna send me fluffy Team Free Will or deancas headcanons? I watched the s10 promo and I just….[laughs in pain]

I don’t think I can do this shit anymore. At one point, I had a full-body recoil, and now I just feel really hurt and upset about where the show is going. [sigh]

I’ll still stay in the fandom and draw fan art/write fic/reblog gifsets, but I’m very much considering skipping out on watching s10. The anxiety is getting too real. ;n;

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cas is the octo, sprawler, blanket hogger, floofy haired, grumpy, angel cake, dean move over, dean I need more space, I want to stretch my legs on top of your body, I am a cat, I want to snuggle with you guy.

and dean is the grumbly, sleeps without moving all night like a deadman, complains about cas stealing all the damned covers, cas you’re so hot like all the time are you sure you don’t have a fever, why are you sleeping with socks on, but I love you so I’m just going to deal with it guy.

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Even when they aren’t together, they sleep on their side of the bed. :’)

And you KNOW Cas hogs all the blankets and sprawls out all over Dean in his sleep.

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Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!

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yeah I’m drinking tea out of a winter themed cup in september
however I do not even give a single fuck

Ian, you’re so reckless!

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no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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Dean caps per episode » 1.09 Home

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I Think It Should Be Illegal For Someone to Be This Cute - NJ Con 2014

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Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1-27

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Happy Autumn!

If you’re not excited about autumn and dogs you can leaf.